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About La Villa Design

We take pride in delivering creative bespoke designs that match global standards, expectations, and vision. Our ambition is to be viewed nationally and internationally as an innovative design and build hub with a distinctive ability to provide custom bespoke yet economical solutions to our clients through effective use of technology, local resources, and other sustainable practices.


Our services include:


1) Customized design solutions for budget and luxury projects ranging from – commercial, residential, retail, and hospitality sectors.


2) Complete large scale execution and construction of all Architectural and Interior projects specializing in joinery, false ceilings, and up to g+4 structures.


We are a reputed one stop solution in Dubai that has catered to most leading consultants and main contractors; satisfying a wide array of clients in sectors such as townships, multi-tower complexes, and private properties.


Our belief is that our skills and services should be flexible to the needs of the client. We understand that as our environment changes and affects our way of doing business, so does our perspective and prerogative; hence we constantly strive to make sure that our work encompasses our ideals and our honesty.


We have held true to our basics - every space is uniquely designed, to be built around the people who use it. We hope to provide you with our exceptional services always to ensure your dreams and projects come true.


Our Projects

We ensure that the final design presented offers a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly a functional space for out clients. We assert that the most important element in our design is the people who use them in the end. Over the years we have become synonyms with exquisite taste, unparallelly service, and unmatched quality. As operating with high standard in the business ethics, we are known for our reliability and attention to detail on every project done.

Marble Surface


Marble Surface


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Marble Surface

Interior Design

Marble Surface


Our Quality Guarantee

La Villa Design is a unique Interior Design Destination inspired to elegance, quality, and craftsmanship, able to assist clients from the initial concept to the turn-key delivery, including full fit-out, finishing, furniture, and equipment (decorative lights, textiles, wall decorations, …).


Our production sites are based in UAE but we can also offer services of Italian production if requested by the client.


Thanks to these trustable and strong bases, La Villa developed several successful projects in UAE and worldwide in several fields: private residences and palaces, luxury commercial places, luxury hotels, private yacht, private jets, and helicopters.


We don’t consider ourselves just as a producer, but a solutions provider.

Marble Surface

Create your dream space with La Villa Design.
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